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anti aging facial massage machine
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Ice-heat cell metabolism enhancing treatment reatment for dark under eye circles : from 9 HUF Gemstone facial massage with prep peeling: 16 HUF Single microdermabrasion treatment on face: 10 HUF-and up Please note, some services are only available as adds on to beauty facials. Mesopeel chemical skin renewal treatment by Mesoestetic® Mesopeel chemical softpeeling facial treatment.

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Scientific peelings by Mesoestetic® 25 HUF and up The mesopeel treatment is also available on the neck, décolleté, hands, arm, tummy striae treatment back acne marks and scars and on various areas. Call for details! Acne peel system Intensive treatment for purifying oily acneic skin Acne peel system intensive treatment for purifying oily acneic skin 1 treatment: 25 Ft Acne peel system intensive treatment for purifying oily acneic skin 5 treatment session : Ft We can offer you custom tailored price only after your initial consultation.

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Deep cleansing and nourishing facials At the Szexepil Szalon we use very high quality cosmetics that are truly enriched with active ingredients. The great things about the product lines we use are that they can be combined with each other and synergistically used boosting the effects of serums, creams, masks. Bottom line is the specially selected cosmetics anti aging facial massage machine invigorate the skin, capable of targeting various aesthetic goals at once.

For the listed facial treatments your therapist may recommend additional masks, serums ampoules modelage mask or additional electro-cosmetic facial treatment to best fit your individual skin needs. Deep cleansing tratment: Ultrasonic deep cleansing treatment basic treatment : Ultrasonic deep cleansing treatment is a electrocosmetic basic facial treatment focusing on cleansing and extraction.

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The treatment can effectively help to get rid of blemishes, acne conditions blackheads, whiteheads, milia. During this facial your therapist will focus on gentle cleansing and peeling- exfoliation of the skin.

Exfoliation removes the topmost dead skin cells.

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Application of softening gel and steaming with ionized steam opens up the pores allowing of easy removal of impurities from the pores. Utilizing the ultrasonic deep cleansing apparatus, blackheads virtually pop out from the pores.

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Following the extraction disinfection takes place and if it is necessary anti-inflammatory Dead-Sea products are put on the skin. Next step a mask is applied that aids in closing the pores, followed by a nourishing mask matching your skin type.

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The treatment is finished by calming cream and light makeup or sunscreen. Desincrustation is used to dilate the follicle, soften up sebum or congested skins preparing for extraction but may only be used on a very oily skin.

Home » Services » Painless purifying-hydrating facial treatment »Guinot Hydradermie painless facial treatment for women Guinot Hydradermie painless facial treatment for women There are a lot of women who have bad experiences with face cleaning.