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Virgatosphinctes sp. Perisphinctes div. The majority of the determinations reflect the poor preservation whorl fragments, dissolutionand scarcity of collectible ammonite specimens.


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Regarding the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous lithostratigraphy of the Mecsek Mountains, Fülöp indicated a m thick, continuous succession from the top Callovian to the Berriasian. At the beginning of the s the Hungarian Geological Survey started Nagyp.


Despite this, the main interest lies in the past conjured up by memory. Publishing an edited version of his conversations with the pianist Elisabeth Klein, the British composer John Moseley provides us with a surprising new testimony. While the interview is a genuine document, it does contain a number of confusions and inaccuracies which need correction. Some of my comments of course only serve to strengthen the information value of something mentioned by Klein. She specialised in the 20th-century repertoire being particularly noted for her performances of Bartók, the Second Viennese School, contemporary Scandinavian composers, of which she gave many premieres, Boulez, Stockhausen and Berio.

Főzy bp. Orthosphinctes sp. Based on his observations, and the earlier work of VadászFőzy bp.

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Tithonian strata can be found on the surface at a handful of places in the Mecsek Mountains Wein, ; Főzy, bFig. Nagy and Raucsik in Főzy, mentioned Haploceras cf.

Recently Bujtor et al. It hinted at the presence of some lower and upper Kimmeridgian ammonite zones, as well as Tithonian strata. However systematic descriptions, taxonomic evaluations and zonal subdivisions were unavailable for the sequence.

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The present authors conducted field work in July and revisited the locality in May and July for further collecting. The field work provided some ammonites that represent the Kimmeridgian and lower Tithonian from the investigated locality, and provided many ammonite taxa previously unknown from the Mecsek Mountains.

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We also studied the old collection of the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary, referred to hereafter as MBFSz and assessed deposited and unpublished material collected during field work by Andor Semsey, János Böckhand Elemér Vadász The aim of the present paper is to describe and figure for the first time the Kimmeridgian and lower Tithonian ammonites of Zengővárkony Mecsek Mountains that have been known since yet remained unpublished so far. Notwithstanding the poor preservation of this Kimmeridgian ammonite fauna from the Zengővárkony locality in the Mecsek Mountains these important specimens were collected to provide insights into the fauna and stratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic of this biogeographically and tectonically interesting unit.

Geological setting As the northernmost unit of the tectonic domain, the Mecsek Mountains Fig. These formations e. The youngest formation Márévár Limestone Fm.

The Late Jurassic sedimentation in the Mecsek Mountains provided a thin, continuous, and at maximum m thick limestone succession, which has a poorly preserved macrofauna dominated by ammonites accompanied by belemnites and very scarce brachiopods; irregular echinoids also occur.

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Résultats : 30 Le bois et la laine de verre, gages de durabilité Les constructions en bois ont connu une forte croissance au cours des dernières années. La construction bois permet de satisfaire à toutes les exigences de protection incendie avec des structures économiques.

Figure 1 : Structural position of the Mecsek Mountains in Hungary with the indication of the major tectonic units. Map based on Haas and Pérósimplified. Figure 2 : Locality map and the lithostratigraphic subdivision of the Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous pars strata mentioned in the text.

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Lithostratigraphy of the Mecsek zone for the study period. Numerical ages in million years after Cohen et al.

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Simplified map of Hungary. Black rectangle indicates the study area northeast from Pécs. The Zengővárkony area indicating the abandoned quarry.

Arrow indicates the direction of water flow. Lithostratigraphic units after Császár for the Cretaceous and Főzy for the Jurassic, simplifying and unifying their diagrams. Studied sections: The shallow valley of the Vasbányavölgy-creek Fig.

C cuts through the Middle Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous continuous limestone succession from the Oxfordian Nagy, to the upper Berriasian Grabowski et al.

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South from the Zengővárkony lime-kilns, Early and Middle Jurassic strata are also exposed Sidó, However, on the left side east of the creek there is a smaller, also abandoned quarry that exposes an older formation Kisújbánya Limestone Fm.

These typical ammonitico rosso strata bed 3, Fig. Above the red coloured, nodular limestone strata, bed 4 on Fig. The succession is then covered by scree, debris and soil. After careful field work and trial-channelling, a remarkably rich albeit poorly preserved, fragmentary ammonite assemblage was found in the scree, soil and among roots.

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These ammonites are weathered and dissolved being accumulated for thousands of years in the soil, while the host limestone beds were eroded.

The ammonites represent the Kimmeridgian and the lower Tithonian strata, with the same lithological features coarse-grained, yellowish-white or grey, poorly stratified limestone that is typical for the Kisújbánya Limestone Formation.

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In Figure 3we indicated the possible source rocks of the collected fauna, that is described in this paper. Careful analysis of the accession labels of older material housed in MBFSz, let us discriminate those ammonites that were collected here and six ammonite specimens from older repositories were included in this study. The present paper therefore describes the ammonites collected from scree and from among roots and mixed debris and soil from the so-called 'small quarry beside the lime-kiln of Várkony' indicated by the star on Figure 2.

The locality Fig. Ammonites were not sampled bed-by-bed, but were collected from the scree. Figure 3 : The upper Jurassic-lower Cretaceous section at Zengővárkony, Mecsek Mountains traversing the abandoned quarries.

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Lithological column after Nagy, simplified. Shaded stripe indicates the supposed stratigraphical position of the ammonites included in this study.

Legend: 1: light coloured yellowish-grey thick bedded limestone; 2: thin bedded limestone; deuxieme main suisse anti aging marly-clayey, red coloured, patchy and nodular limestone; 4: light coloured yellowish-grey, thick bedded limestone; 5: light coloured yellowish-grey brecciated limestone with light grey flint nodules; 6: yellowish-white brecciated limestone; 7: brownish-yellow clayey limestone.

Chronostratigraphic subdivision of the section is based on micropalaeontological investigations of Nagy Figure 4 : Locality exposing the Kisújbánya Mészkő Formation.

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Ammonites were collected from scree, and from the mixed soil, debris and roots. One of the authors Á. GPS coordinates: 46°11' Materials and methods The cephalopods from Zengővárkony available for our study comprise specimens including belemnites and aptychi.

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Of these were collected by the authors and the other 6 are housed deuxieme main suisse anti aging the historical collection of the MBFSz with hand-written information on the original labels of János Böckh and Andor Semsey from the s. All six specimens referred to on the labels as 'small quarry beside the lime-kiln of Várkony' are included in this paper.

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Table 1: Higher taxa of macrofossils with numbers of specimens and percentages in the Zengővárkony fauna examined in the present paper.