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Updated: Nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to the technology world and that is clearly demonstrated by the iPad Mini.

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Apple went from being a company who suggested that 7" tablets were not worthwhile DOA in fact to one which saw other manufacturers succ The iPad Mini is without doubt a product released in response to what the competition is doing and that has all the potential to create a less than great device.

After all, breaking new ground is always something that pushes developers rather than reinven This probably sounds obvious, but the iPad mini really is mini.

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So much so that you can hold it with one hand. Close to half the size, in fact. But HD movies still look great, and the portability more than makes up for those rough edges and visible pixels.

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Is it expensive? Wide display ideal for a smaller tablet size, quality finish, does what a large iPad does, works with the Apple ecosystem Expensive when compared to other 7-inch tablets So after spending some time with the mini, would we recommend it? There are few compromises, and you don't at any time get the feeling you're using an oversized smartphone, but rather a fully

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