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An ECL language exam is performed according to the recommendations of the principles of international testing theory. In the case of the oral ECL language examination there are two candidates taking the exam together at the same time in front of a board of two examiners.

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One of the board members assesses the performance of candidates based on a specific criteria system, whereas the other member of the panel conducts the examination. The first part of the oral examination is a warming up discussion between the candidates, which part is not assessed.

During the second part, which is a guided converstaion about the topic chosen by the interviewer, candidates prove their skills to be able to ask relevant, grammatically as well as lexically correct questions; and show how well they can react to unexpected utterances in certain situations.

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During the third part of the oral examination the candidates task is to present their own ofeg suisse anti aging and opinion in connection with a picture-montage related topic. The picture-montages, which are generally introduced on a computer screen, are standardized, that is the same ones are used across all examination languages.

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There are uniform prompts and questions offered to be considered by the interviewer during both the guided conversation and the picture- montage stimulated introduction of a topic. All parts of the oral examination are tape- recorded, and the moderation of these materials have an important role in the standardization of the internationally offered ECL language examinations. The international ECL language examination system offers the possibility to take an examination in the official languages of the European Union, and in the languages of some candidate member-states like Hungarian, Polish and Romanian.

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Examinations are made up of both oral and written tasks, testing the four skills in various real-life related situations e. The ECL language examination system guarantees that panel members assess candidates performance based on a unified set of criteria which is independent of the chosen language.

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The multifold character of the ECL language examination is a significant one, and ensures that candidates language knowledge is tested through eight different tasks; altogether eight different topics. The acquired knowledge of candidates is evaluated according the same principles by test-markers, oral examination assessors and moderators in all examination languages. This ensures that the language examination system cannot be accused of providing different levels of difficulty in the case of the various language examination tasks.

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It is part of the uniform character of the examination that the evaluation of all fiatalkori ráncok basic skills is achieved via all in all eight tasks, two related to each skill, and assessed according to the same principles. The methods and criteria of evaluation are detailed in the Guidelines for Oral Exams, and the Guidelines for Test Constructors, both manuals were prepared by an international team of experts of applied linguistics for the international center for the A szerkesztbizottsg a szakirodalmi hivatkozsok hinya ellenre a cikket kzlsre alkalmasnak tallta.

All interviewers, assessors and test-markers should be familiar with the content of the manuals, to be able to evaluate candidate performance according to the unified principles. As it was mentioned earlier, the oral ECL language examination consists of three parts, the first of which is not assessed.

The point of the first ofeg suisse anti aging is to allow candidates to get acquainted with each others interests, with each others perspectives on life, and maybe even each others accents.

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This way candidates get the chance to tune in to each other, and to get used to developing a discussion among themselves and not with the interviewer. The time-span that should be provided for this task is about four minutes, which is enough to reduce exam anxiety and inhibition resulting in a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere, that encourages candidates to express themselves more openly in connection with the assigned topic.

The second and the third tasks are both assessed.

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The second task begins with the interviewer asking an introductory question, which sets the topic of the discussion in which both candidates participate equally.

The time limit for this task is minutes. In case the conversation breaks down, and it seems that the candidates have nothing more to contribute to the conversation, it is the duty of the interviewer to help candidates overcome this standstill by asking a thought-provoking question or by making a stimulating comment. The final task of the oral examination for candidates is to express their ideas, thoughts or opinion in connection with a topic of a given picture-montage.

This task should not be performed as a discussion; candidates are expected to ofeg suisse anti aging on each others comments or perspective in a monologue form. The amount of time allowed for this task is the same as in the case of the guided conversation, that is minutes.

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Within this time period candidates get the opportunity to communicate their ideas several times alternately. The aim of candidates during this task shall be to independently and coherently introduce their views in a foreign language in connection with the topic indicated by the picture-montage.

The interviewer should strive to create a life-like situation, in which candidates feel comfortable to take turns while expressing their thoughts, and in which they do not feel compelled to wait for long to join in if there is silence. As it was mentioned in the introduction, the oral ECL examination has different features compared to oral exam procedures of other language examination systems. From among the differences first I would like to point out that in the case of the oral ECL examination candidates do not engage in a discussion with the interviewer, but in order to prove the level of their language knowledge they communicate with another candidate.

The pairs can be and are formed by the candidates themselves. This fact allows candidates to choose a partner whom they know from earlier, or whom they got to like at first sight, or whom they believe can help them perform well on the exam.

As a result of this free choice of a partner the examination has a more relaxed atmosphere. In real life situations we also have the chance to decide whom we want to talk to, or ask information from. When we enter a customer service office, or walk in the street of an unfamiliar city looking for information, we usually turn to the assistant who is smiling at us, who at first sight seems to be a kind, friendly and helpful individual.

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Candidates still show some signs of exam anxiety even when applying this method of free choice, but experience shows that candidates get relaxed much faster which positively influences their exam performance.

A szerkesztbizottsg a szakirodalmi hivatkozsok hinya ellenre a cikket kzlsre alkalmasnak tallta. When there are two candidates taking the exam the time limit is twenty minutes, when there are three candidates the amount of time provided increases to thirty minutes. Listening to three candidates is not always ideal, ofeg suisse anti aging the one sitting in the middle, in between two candidates might often be ill at ease or feel left out.


The situation has a possible psychological explanation. Lets think of the back seat of a car with three passengers jammed in there. If conditions allow chairs should be arranged in a way which would indicate a round-table discussion. This arrangement would allow for preventing any candidate from giving a worse performance, due to the physical arrangement. Panel members at the oral ECL language examination have different roles. One of them administers, the other assesses the exam.

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First of all it is the task of the interviewer, but both examiners should look at the possible discussion topics and picture-montages. The interviewer should pay attention not to select two closely related topics for a given candidate pair.

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It is significant to choose two topics that are independent from each other, because this would allow candidates to show their level of proficiency of the selected foreign language in at least two different discussion topics.

Interviewers have access to a topic list, from which they can choose the ones that would be discussed during the examination. This collection of topics is also available for the candidates, so they can use it during the preparation process.

The interviewer receives such prompts and questions from the examination center which are the same for each examination language. If necessary, then these questions can be used by the interviewer, to help candidates with ideas or additional topics to talk about. During the oral examination the interviewer has a complex task, but one of the most important ones is to lead the discussions using such methods that guarantee candidates to have equal opportunities to express themselves.