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Leírás A termék részletei Hozzávalók Címkék Értékelések Leírás The fresh citrus aroma of lime and orange essential oils joins the earthy, woody, slightly sweet notes of cedar and vetiver and creates a mysterious, masculine scent that induces a relaxed mood. The antibacterial and astringent properties of cedar oil are complemented by those of carbon neutralization to keep the skin clean and matured.

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Provides skin protection, neutralizes unpleasant odor and absorbs moisture. The basic formula contains anti aging mask recipe, coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda and natural wax.

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Use Apply layers by vertical movements on clean and dry skin. If necessary, massage the excess product with your fingers until it is completely absorbed by the skin. Keeping Being a natural product, to maintain its odor and texture, it is recommended that it be kept closed with a lid between uses, at a constant temperature between degrees C.

Warning Do not use the product anti aging mask recipe irritated or injured skin. If irritation occurs, stop using it. About ingredients and how we use natural deodorants from Trio Verde Of all the personal care products, creating a natural deodorant is perhaps the biggest challenge.

Many of us can make a face mask from the ingredients we find in our own refrigerator but a natural deodorant, with a specific role and immediate efficiency, comes with special challenges. Trio Verde deodorants are created using carefully chosen natural ingredients.

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These words not only sound good, they also have value. Each ingredient has been chosen for its properties and the recipe respects well-established proportions that seek to produce specific results. The final product has a creamy and fine texture that gives the skin protection, neutralizes the unpleasant odor and absorbs moisture.

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Several recipes have been anti aging hormontherapie by various people who evaluated the efficiency, application, appearance and odor of deodorants.

As a result of this thorough process we find important information for both the manufacturer and the consumers. The efficiency of deodorants varies from person to person depending on the skin's PH normally between 4.

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You can rely on the efficiency of natural deodorants from Trio Verde for 6 to 8 hours under normal working conditions, excluding intense physical exertion and spending most of the time in the sun or at high temperatures.

The consistency of deodorants makes the application easy, as close to that of the products with which we are used, being easy to distribute and absorbed by the skin.

I recommend not to expose too much of the product and apply it by buffering if the product is too fresh and has not yet stabilized in the container; the product will stabilize within two weeks of opening or with slight movements from top to bottom. A termék részletei.