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You can also just have a general chat with Eve. Test her witty personality or just ask her to tell a joke or two. Common Questions and concerns: Q: Why do I get strange answers to my question?

A: Voice Answer will first check it's knowledge servers, including Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha's award winning service, for an answer.

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If these don't respond, either because the answer is unavailable or the servers are down, the chatbot will answer the question. These answers are ansr vélemények anti aging more funny than useful.

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  • Dying to Kill: The Mind of the Terrorist | Dana Foundation
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You can avoid strange answers by disabling the chatbot, and try your question later. We are further enhancing our current data sources with additional databases as these become available, as we want to offer our customers the very best. Q: What do I do when voice answer doesn't understand my voice?

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A: Voice Answer compares your voice against a database of spoken english words and sentences. It works better for some people than for others.

In general it works better than the voice recognition used by many other apps, but it depends on your accent.

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Try to speak slow and use regular sentences. If this doesn't work, you can use the keyboard. As and when better voice recognition algorithms are developed and become available, we can and will plug these in.

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Q: The app crashes. What can I do? A: On some devices such as the iPad1 or 3GS, it may sometimes be required to do a hard reset to get it to work.

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If this fails, removing the app and installing it again will generally get it going. We are working on improving the stability on those devices. Please contact us at support sparklingapps. If you have any problems with any of the functions of the app, we can assist you with it.

We are proud of our product and want our customers to get the most out of it.