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This period has been characterized by a specific and totally different evolution of this institution, which was no more under the control of the Church. For the purposes of conducting its charter issuing activity, lay letter searchers requisitors were appointed by the princes, who were also paying these office holders.

They became the office holders of Queen Isabela and, after a while, of his son, prince Ioan Sigismund of Zápolya. The fact that some earlier members of the Chapter continued their work at the place of authentication proves that the state apparatus of the newly born Principality needed these intellectuals who had been previously educated by the Catholic Church.

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For almost 20 years, the place of authentication and its archives had been given very limited tasks. This object has been legjobb anti aging szérum férfiaknak taken by one of the canons, who left together with bishop Bornemissza. For this reason, the appointed office holders could only transcribe the documents kept in the archives of the Chapter.

The reorganization of this institution took place inwhen the requisitors were granted all the previous tasks: a new seal was given to the place of authentication, which was similar to the earlier; the requisitors among transcribing the documents started to issue different charters and to fulfill external activities on the demand of the princes entering into possessions, boundary inspections, etc.

As a result of these changes, the archive became the institution that preserved the most important documents of the Principality and at the same time the reputation of the office holders grew. So, it was natural that during the period of the Principality, the office holders of the place of authentication were chosen very carefully by the princes from the members of the Transylvanian intelligentsia, which had close ties both with the Unitarian Church and the Reformed Church.

The first chapter describes the birth of the requisitorial office and the secularization of the Catholic ecclesiastical institutions.

Each building can be recognised by distinctively different facades, one being residential the other commercial. The professional, private and social functions are served by three separate staircases, one of which was used to seat guests at home concerts. Unusual to Brussels the designer employed windows to the rear of the buildings allowing light to flood into all areas from the front, back, side and roof lights. Another speciality of this house is the use of white glazed bricks found in the dining room and vaulted ceilings, also the use of American oak, marble, copper and gold as decorative surfaces. Josef Maria Olbrich designed five homes in the Darmstadt artists' colony, another was designed by Behrens who had no formal architectural training.

The reorganization that took place inbased on a detailed written instruction dated at the end of that year, made the charter issuing activity of the requisitors of this institution comparable with the activity of the Chapter before the secularization. These characteristics remained unchanged until the end of the period of Principality. The second chapter presents a detailed analysis of a group of intellectuals represented by the requisitors of the Chapter of Alba Iulia.

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This chapter emphasizes the fact that the institution needed well-qualified personnel, and the requisitors needed to be well-trained in matters of paleography, Latin and legal issues.

Romanian or German language proficiency often constituted an important advantage.

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It seems to be proven that the majority of the office holders spoke one of these languages. Due to the fact that the prestige of the Chapters archive constantly grew, the requisitors have been entrusted with multiple new duties and responsibilities.

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In addition to these responsibilities, they were also granted some privileges. As regards the estates and other properties possessed by the requisitors, it became obvious that many of the office holders were given goods and possessions by the clients of the place of authentication, in return for their services. The charters granted property rights of movable assets and real estates, and these rights represented the evidence of ownership in trials.

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  • The railroad system, which has a total track length of about 5, km, is entirely electrified.

For the clients who were taking part in actions for the ownership of properties it was of great importance to find these documents in the Chapters archive and to obtain their transcripts. The services of the office holders were rewarded with different donations. Afterthe place of authentication from Alba Iulia was no longer under the jurisdiction of the church, but the society, in which this institution functioned, still remained religious.

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During the first period after the secularization, the earlier members of the clergy were appointed as requisitors and they have worked there until the reorganization that took place in After that, the personnel consisted of lay intellectuals, many of them with theological training. We may say that the majority of them have received higher education and have studied at Western European universi ties. A good example is the carrier of the chronicler of the court Gáspár Bojti and the personal librarian of Gabriel Bethlen, Mihály Barsi.

In addition to the above mentioned objectives, our purpose was to characterize the social class from which the requisitors originated, to describe their previous career and the time they served as a clerk at the archives.

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We concluded that before being appointed to this office, the clerks were often notaries of the princely chancellery and sometimes this office constituted a gift for different services rendered on behalf of the princes.

It was also proven that every clerk became a noble at the end of his career as a result of his services rendered at the place of authentication on the request of the princes and other fondation pro helvetia suisse anti aging.

András Szekfü Szilvia Szilády dr. Introduction 1. The Feature Film and the Documentary 1. The Transformation of the Hungarian Distribution Structure 1. Distribution: Films 1.

The third, longest chapter presents the biographies of 37 requisitors. Among them there were important figures of the Transylvanian cultural history, such as the chronicler István Szamosközy and Gáspár Bojti. The volume presents the members fondation pro helvetia suisse anti aging a group of intellectuals who worked in the probably most important charter-issuer institution during the period of Principality.

To reveal the role and importance of these office holders, it is enough to have in mind the character of the Transylvanian society, based on the possession of estates.