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7 ways to FADE SUN DAMAGE on the face & body| Dr Dray

Thanks Dr. I feel great trust in the validity of this channel given the focus on evidence and the detail and practical application tips are invaluable. Thank you! | Magyar Játékpedagógiai és Játéktári Egyesület

Jackie Noel 5 hónapja Great informationas always, from you! Thank you Maneesha 5 hónapja Dr. Dray, Can you please talk about Elizabeth Ardens ceramide products!

A termékben két, a bőrben természetes módon is jelen lévő hidratáló hatóanyag található: az urea és tejsav, hogy a száraz, viszkető fejbőr megkaphassa azt a tápláló ápolást, amelyre szüksége van.

I used to think toner was unnecessary unless it exfoliated. They make my skin more even toned. Carin Saj 5 hónapja I'm currently using clindamycin in the morning and differin in the evening to lessen my acne.

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  • Gerovital cc krém Gerovital CC Krém Málna Kivonatta A Gerovital Color control CC krém a BB krémek egy új generációja, amely természetes kinézetet biztosít a bőr számára egy aktív hatóanyagokból és természetes pigmentekből álló formula segítségével.

My question is, Would it be okay to do microneedling and can still use my clindamycin and differin.? Id appreciate ur response. Thank u and love u dr. Dray, I would really appreciate if you would review GoPure products.

Hidratáló arckrém problémás bőrre Folyékony, hidratáló krém, problémás bőrre - Kozmetikai Folyékony, hidratáló krém, problémás bőrre. Recept száma:

Rebecca L 5 hónapja This is likely a dumb question, but my yoga studio uses infrared heat via panels in the ceiling. Should I be concerned? It made an immediate difference in one 10 minute use.

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I avoided AHAs since using stronger retinoids because they stung, but this peel stings slightly and briefly. I will continue using it once a week as recommended.

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Thanks, Dr. Looks bright Beth Lovett 5 hónapja I get almost like raised skin around my eyes if o use a retinol based eye cream? Do you know this treatment and if so, what do you think about it? Even with years of sunscreen use, damage happens!

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We have both tried them both to compare, and we can honestly say the Ordinary is worth the buy. In fact, the discoloration defense would often cause irritation redness to our skin the next day.

So for something similar, I would start there, but I don't believe the Ordinary has the Kojic acid in it like the Skinceuticals, other than that they are meant to do similar things. Hope that helps you.

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Lori L 5 hónapja I had picosure laser to remove three sunspots from my legs. I would never do this again.

I had raw sores for two weeks and three months later had more pigmentation. Two years later the spots have finally faded. I am very pale and had the procedure done by a big city board certified derm with lots of experience.

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I am so glad I did not eucerin q10 anti wrinkle sensitive skin lotion ingredients it done on my chest or face! Libby Kennedy 5 hónapja Thanks for your great informative videos, Dr.

I always learn something from them. On the subject of antioxidants, wouldn't taking a supplement or eating antioxidant-rich foods do more lasting good than putting something on the skin?

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It seems like absorption would be better. I've always wondered about topical vs. | Magyar Játékpedagógiai és Játéktári Egyesület

A beach. We NEED sunlight. The few videos ive seen from you are anti sun.

Home Retinol hol kapható Aha, Bha, azealin sav, niaciamid, kozmetikai erősségű retinol. Ezek nagyon keveset segítettek, ideig óráig a bőrömön. Gondoltam hátha van a Roaccutan hatóanyagnak krém változata. Így találtam ide.

I didn't start using sunscreen until I was 37 last year when I discovered this channel along with Hyram. I was never taught that I needed it.

THE BEST OF EUCERIN: Antipigment, Hyaluron-Filler, Elasticity, DermatoCLEAN, Vitamin C Booster, Q10

I am bi-racial so this wasn't even a conversation in my home growing up. But the crazy thing is I have always, my entire life gotten sunburnt.

7 ways to FADE SUN DAMAGE on the face & body| Dr Dray

Now I am more educated. I get positive comments almost daily. Will this combined with antioxidants help fade any spotting? LiShayla Rae 5 hónapja I had really bad sun damage use to tan for hours to get rid of my acneand I was wondering why my skin is looking so funky since starting retinol been on it for a month now, no flaking, but mild irritation, breaking out and is blotchy and now I'm wondering if it's pulling up all the sun damage I did to my skin.

Valerie Vega 5 hónapja Dr. Thank you!! Ariel 5 hónapja I noticed the la Roche melt in sunscreen has antioxidants in it.

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Dray is amazing! Question, I have incredibly sensitive skin where sunscreen feels like a burn after being in the sun, even physical. I wear huge brimmed spf 50 hats and spf clothing all the time while mostly going out after high sun. Is that enough? I do love antioxidants with sunscreen though. I always use either vit c or the ferulic acid and resveratrol. Hayzeus Izded 5 hónapja Does uv light from gel nail lamps cause damage or cancer to the skin?