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Mauritius - Riviere Du Rempart - Pereybéré public beach - r.

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Long ránctalanítás természetes módon with brain conditioning on the 8 kilometers long Flic en Flac beach 2. Mont Choisy, a very long arc of a coral sand beach 3.

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Snorkeling at Trou au Biches and Belle Mare beaches - encounters with parrotfishes, clownfishes, groupers 4. Le Morne peninsula with impressive trees and with the even more impressive Table Mountain in the background 5.

The rough nature type of beauty seen on the southern coastline 6. The view of the tea plantation along the country roads 7.

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Helpfulness of the locals in baie botanique anti aging directions and that all of them speak English 8. The Coloured Earth at the village of Chamarel with right up my favorite pastel colors 9.

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La Cuvette, a small beach in the north Dislikes 1. The frequent traffic jams baie botanique anti aging the area of Port Louis and generally on the northern part of the island 2.

baie botanique anti aging

The tourism infrastructure developments subdue more and more natural lands, mainly on the coastlines 3. Remember: the beaches close to the capital are very crowded by the locals on the weekends 4.

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During a shaking airport transfer, our smaller kid dumped his load on the brink of a sugarcane plantation 5. Discomfort with the left-hand driving 6. High price level, even in the supermarkets frequented by locals mostly 7. The need for intensive concentration at some beaches for avoiding to step on a sea urchin 8.


Sad to say, many coral reefs are in bad shape, almost bleached 9. Most of the beaches do not have fine sand, and walking barefoot on coral rubbles is quite annoying.

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Beaches are nicer on the Maldives, in the Caribbean, on many Thai and Malay islands Incorrect efforts to make the foreigners pay more than what the locals pay e. The locals litter a lot; luckily the public cleaning brigades continuously remove the rubbish Too many stray dogs, at least don't bite Opinions Mauritius - lagoon - r.

The island is pretty small, with the north part generally having the better weather and the south part having more sights to see. Port Louis was a disappointment — we had seen enough of it after wandering about for a couple of hours — but the natural landscape was unbelievably beautiful.

baie botanique anti aging

The Chamarel waterfall is unmissable, as is the Ebony Forest nature reserve. There are a lot of beautiful Hindu temples, and the Grand Bassin district is full of impressively big statues.


The street food Is very cheap, and very good! At a leisurely pace, allowing plenty of time for sunbathing on the beach, we saw everything we wanted to in under a week. Iwona, Practicals The main international airport is on the south-east side of the island.

baie botanique anti aging

There is left-hand traffic in Mauritius. The roads are of good quality, but many of them are narrow or winding.

The locals especially the taxi drivers drive in a wild way; adventurous overtaking is common. Only self-confident and experienced drivers should be undertaking a car rental.

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Renting a car makes it more flexible to plan the discovery of the island. However, if you stay days in Mauritius, maybe it is enough to rent a car for two or three days only. After all, there should be enough time for beach days. If you have smart bargaining skills, you may even make a deal, which is only slightly more expensive than renting a car.

There are also guided bus tours, usually in English or French.