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These pathogen species live in water or soil, leading an optional, saprotrophic lifestyle and parasite the roots and above-soil parts of plants.

Boletus aereus Bull. Bronzos vargnya Adatok szma: 3 ebbl sajt adat 2 Adatok: Lszl et al. Termhely: montn lucosok, lucelegyes lomberdk faja, nyrtl szig terem. A szakirodalom alapjn Eurpbl, s zsibl ismert, elssorban bkkhz kttten.

The following species should be mentioned among the the pathogens of forest trees belonging to this genus: Phytophthora alni, P. Tree species damaged by Phytophthora are among others: gummy alder Alnus glutinosa [L.

The symptoms of infection may be seen on the bark, the main roots, and the roots or in the canopy. The leaves are small with a yellowish discolouration, the canopy becomes rare.

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On the trunk we may experience necrotic lesions, fl ow or discolouration. The aim of the research about Phytophthoras is to reveal the distribution of the species of this genus in Hungarian forest ecosystems: the morphological and molecular characterisation of species, their phylogenetic analysis, their role in forest protection and the possibilities of plant protection.

During our research work we evaluate the health condition of trees in forest stands showing symptoms of infection, then we collect bark and soil samples which we use to isolate the pathogens and fi nally we identify them by morphological and molecular methods.

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Another area of our research is the analysis of water in natural watercourses. Watercourses, besides providing habitat for species that do not endanger forests, may be key factors in spreading of signifi cant infections. The aim of our research is to get to know species present in natural watercourses and the analysis of the incidental seasonality of species composition.

We collect isolates with the help of leaf baits in water. Phytophthora species are pathogens of economic importance all over the world. There are similar methods for isolating, maintaining and identifying isolates all over the world.

Cooperation on international level is possible in analyses about the population genetics and phylogenetic of species.

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Besides laboratory equipment, a modern biological microscope with microscope camera was purchased in the framework of the project enabling us to analyse the morphological marks of isolates and to do the necessary photo documentation. I took part in pronatura suisse anti aging work as a Ph. This grant made it possible for me to carry out laboratory tests. It also helped me take part in national and international conferences.

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So far there have been tests in one chestnut plantation, two black walnut and one marsh common alder stands and one fl oodplain mixed forest. We isolated 37 Phytophthora strains in the chestnut plantation, and they were identifi ed. Phytophthora cambivora was found over there. We analysed the health condition of 2black walnut stands, one near Kapuvár, and one near Sárvár.

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We collected soil samples from the rhizosphere of 20 trees in the sample area near Kapuvár in June and September altogether 40 samples. We analysed the pronatura suisse anti aging condition of 10 trees and collected 10 samples in Sárvár. We succeeded to isolate Phytophthoras from the samples 48 isolates from Kapuvár, 19 from Sárvár and they were identifi ed.

The most common species are Phytophthora plurivora and Phytophthora cactorum.

They represent a meeting point of intellect and transcendence, emotionality and premeditation, logic and irrationality. Good science and good art have a mission - to explore the world and people.

In the common alder stand in the area of the Forestry of Kapuvár we studied the health condition of 20 trees as well in June and September We collected soil samples on both occasions. We managed to isolate altogether 24 strains, we analysed their morphological marks and partly identifi ed them. The most common species was the Phytophthora lacustris. There was also Phytophthora alni, Phytophthora gonapodyides and Phytophthora inundata.

There are isolates here as well that need further tests. Young wild cherry trees Cerasus avium [L. We collected samples from the rhizosphere of 6 trees and bred 10 isolates. Their identifi cation is in progress. We collected samples in 14 locations from April to October fi ve times in near Sopron during natural watercourse analyses.

We bred altogether 59 isolates, their identifi cation has mostly happened. The most common one was P. Our results may be used in preparing plans for forest stock treatments and renovation. Montesclaros Monastery, Spain, May. Sopron, Hungary, 5 October. We analyse the natural watercourses near Sopron in the formerly tested locations from April to October on a monthly basis. Besides trapping we measure some water quality parameters as well. Pronatura suisse anti aging planned artifi cial infections and protection possibilities by artifi cially infected nurseries is a direction providing well-applicable results in the practice of future research.

The population-genetic and phylogenetic analysis of collected species is a direction which is interesting from scientifi c and ecological aspects. My special fi elds are forest protection and forest entomology.

I have been dealing especially with the biology of saproxylic forest insects e. Leader of the fi rst sub-programme. Principal investigator: A. Principal investigator: GY. The majority of my research were carried out in the framework of international cooperation. I would like pronatura suisse anti aging highlight the research about invasive insects and the results we have reached in the area of insect population-genetics.

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Sponsored by the 6 th FP Sub-priority 6. NoE; duration Coordinator: F. Coordinator: H. Coordinator: P. Keith G. TUBA K. University of West Hungary Publishing Sopron.

Meeting: Global change and forest diseases: new threats, new strategies. Cantabria, Spain, 28, Abstracts book. Edited by. Berichte Freiburger Forstliche Forschung Heft Biotic Risks and Climate Change pp. TÓTH V. Scientifi c Doctoral School Student Conference pp. October 5.

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Wageningen, Holland, Wageningen: pp. Sir W. Halcrow and Partners Ltd. My research area is the identifi cation and evaluation of the condition of environment especially the natural environment. I developed check-lists as a basis for eff ect analyses to test the eff ects in nature protection, road buildingin building railwaysand electric transmissions especially for NATURA eff ect analyses.

In the framework of the TÁMOP project we developed tools check-lists, curricula helping eff ect analyses based on the discovery and organisation of the eff ects of opencast mining on the natural environment. The aim of the project was to reveal and organise the factors infl uencing the range of signifi cant factors of nature conservation requirements among the infl uences of opencast mining and to prepare a check-list assisting the prediction of eff ects.

We primarily used the method of on-site tests of eff ects on the chosen mine area simultaneous evaluation of on-site tests and aerial photos.

We put great emphasis on expert opinions in the identifi cation and evaluation of eff ects, ranges and consequences in which the statements from technical literature were compared with the actual on-site test results.

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In connection with this research work, one thesis and two diploma tasks were announced; these were successfully prepared and defended during the term of the research. We started an optional subject based on our theoretical results in the MSc environmental engineer major, and 10 students completed it in We based the research on tests repeated every 5 years, targeted aerial photos and onsite data collection.

The research was operated on 20 selected sample areas but we studied other mines as well e. In some parts of the sample areas pronatura suisse anti aging mines there were overall condition documentations and pronatura suisse anti aging condition documentations 16 mines.

Based on the changes we elaborated the list of impact factors check-list and we determined potential ranges and the factors infl uencing impact processes.

A further result of the research is the development, announcement and introduction of the optional subject Impact analyses of open-cast mines into education. The results of the research were used during the environmental licensing of open-cast mines and during the study of the operation of existing mines environmental, operational licensing. Erdészeti és Faipari Tudományos Közlemények 1: pp. Abstract — The study presents the pronatura suisse anti aging pattern concerning some use values of natural and artifi cial objects and districts.

On the basis of scientifi c, cultural-historic and scenic purposes it demonstrates the natural ideal value that is at the same time the index of worthiness for nature conservation concerning natural objects and districts.

The examination unit of the method is the elementary object, the main factors of the evaluation are: the use value component and the necessity value component. The recreation ideal value is deduced by means of attractiveness and the potential recreation base time considering the specialities of repeated visits.

The protective ideal value is deduced from the averted damage refl ected by changes in the protected use value and the length of usability. The outlined method of estimation intends to help with revealing the utilization structure of districts falling in the scope of sylviculture and nature conservation, and it also aims to help with planning multi-purpose utilization.

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Erdészeti Lapok pp. In the analysed period there were 37 fi rms to make impact studies. Most of them focused only a few type of project.

The surveying revealed that in Hungary there are not professional guidelines that could be followed by the study-makers and authorities.

The impact studies qualifi ed by the environmental protection advisory boards and national park managements had various qualities. It was signed that the reasons of the quality shortness are generally the less time expended on and the inadequate professionalism, besides that the technocratic view of points of the studymaker and the under-estimation of the importance of nature and landscape conservation were emphasized too by the natural conservation authorities.

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Lővér Print, pp. Abstract — The social directive determining the requirements and principles of environmental impact qualifi cations prescribes the measuring, evaluation of the extend of environmental impact and the consideration of results in decision making processes in the case of protected species and natural habitats. In international practices we may see merely formal measures in order to carry out these aims.

The primary reason for this is that the Directive did not prescribe methodologies. The KTM technique developed during the research period provides a base, frameworks and tools to meet the requirements of the EU directive and by its persistent application and by taking into account the characteristics of the fi eld we can prepare the requirements of individual areas.

This technique defi pronatura suisse anti aging change- value- and qualifi cation categories and joins qualifi cation with the possible decision types.

This KTM technique may be useful to qualify environmental impacts that cannot be expressed by limit values. Sopron: University of West Hungary, pp. ISBN Abstract — The surface of Hungary is covered by a number of quarry pits that were made out of mining cultivation.

Concerns have become more intense over possible environmental loads and there are diff erent professional standpoints regarding the adjudication of the situation. The target of the project is to identify the impact area of the opencast mining, and systematize these impact factors and develop a check-list that supports the forecast of the impact factors.

Poster Abstract — The surface of Hungary is covered by a number of quarry pits that were made out of mining cultivation. This is attributed to the former permissive regulations apply to mine- 33 Research at the University of West Hungary opening, as well as the change of the ownership after the change of the regime. The target of the project is to identify the impact area of the opencast mining, exploring the factors that infl uence the impact range of the impact factors, keep in mind the preservation of the natural environmental requirements.

Systematize these impact factors, and develop a check-list, that supports the forecast of the impact factors. The survey is based on a 5 years of returning monitoring that allow of the aerial photography and the local collection of data.

The research took place on 20 allocated sampling areas, but experiments were made on other mine-sides as well.

According to the impact parameters 8 impact processes were identifi ed.

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The impact area was examined using pairs of aerial photos about these mining areas. During the examination diff erent types of impact processes were identifi ed. The research provided remarkable results especially in the light of our restricted funds.

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Many problem areas occurred during the research, the solution of which would highly improve the application of our results but the grant did not provide enough fi nancial resources for it. Such problem areas are the following: the exploration of impacts caused by the facilities of mining transportation courses, lines, processing plantsthe determination of the specifi cations of the mined materials the eff ects of peat mining or the exploration of the environmental impacts of planned restart of deep mining in Hungary.

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