Anti aging bb cream it cosmetics. Holika Holika Petit Clearing 30ml SPF30 PA++ BB Cream for sale online | eBay

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream With SPF50+

It felt heavy on my skin and a little cakey. Throughout the day it didn't wear very well.

anti aging bb cream it cosmetics

I have oily skin and instead of keeping my skin matte it just looked greasier and more cakey as the day wore on. Maybe this would work better for someone with less oily skin but personally I wasn't very impressed with this product.

anti aging bb cream it cosmetics

I suppose it's decent for how cheap it is, though. I was searching for a suitable bb cream and I came acroos this on the Internet.

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I decided to give it a try as its inexpensive, and I was actually quite surprised that find out that the quality is quite decent too. It claims to control acne and oil; for me my skin can get really oily so it does control for a little while, but at least it doesn't clog the pores as well.

anti aging bb cream it cosmetics

It doesn't give me break out and thus its good if you have acne. Coverage wise its awesome. Given the price the coverage is really satisfying, and I like how it gives a natural finish.

anti aging bb cream it cosmetics

For the color it comes in only one shade, but I guess one size fits all. My skin color is the typical asian beige that's not too fair nor too tanned, and it's color suits me well. However I don't recommend if you have : 1 dry skin may need a really good moisturizer 2 skin that's too fair may darken anti aging bb cream it cosmetics skin once it oxidises.

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It is a bit dark for my skin,I have very pale skin,but I blend it very well and I make it work! Also the color was too dark, I was expecting for a lighter tone.

anti aging bb cream it cosmetics

When I have a pimple and i put BB cream on my skin. The next day, pimple is dry. For my oil skin this product is well.