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Save all warnings and instructions for future reference.


Cluttered or dark areas invite accidents. Power tools create sparks which may ignite the dust or fumes. Distractions can cause you to lose control.

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Electrical safety fPower tool plugs must match the outlet. Never modify the plug in any way. Do not use any adapter plugs with earthed grounded power tools.

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Unmodified plugs vendeur telephony suisse anti aging matching outlets will reduce risk of electric shock. There is an increased risk of electric shock if your body is earthed or grounded. Water entering a power tool will increase the risk of electric shock.

vendeur telephony suisse anti aging

Never use the cord for carrying, pulling or unplugging the power tool. Keep cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges and moving parts.

MiniInTheBox szállítási útmutató

Damaged or entangled cords increase the risk of electric shock. Use of a cord suitable for outdoor use reduces the risk of electric shock. Use of an RCD reduces the risk of electric shock.

vendeur telephony suisse anti aging

Personal safety fStay alert, watch what you are doing and use common sense when operating a power tool. Do not use a power tool while you are tired or under the influence of vendeur telephony suisse anti aging, alcohol or medication.

A moment of inattention while op- erating power tools may result in serious personal injury.

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Always wear eye protection. Protective equipment such as dust mask, non-skid safety shoes, hard hat, or hearing protection used for appropriate conditions will reduce personal inju- ries. Carrying power tools with your finger on the switch or en- ergising power tools that have the switch on invites acci- dents.

vendeur telephony suisse anti aging

A wrench or a key left attached to a ro- tating part of the power tool may result in personal injury. Keep proper footing and balance at all times.

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This enables better control of the power tool in unexpected situations. Do not wear loose clothing or jewel- lery.

vendeur telephony suisse anti aging

Keep your hair, clothing and gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothes, jewellery or long hair can be caught in moving parts.

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Use of dust collection can re- duce dust-related hazards. Power tool use and care fDo not force the power tool. Use the correct power tool for your application.

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The correct power tool will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was designed. Any power tool that cannot be controlled with the switch is ráncok ellen ricinusolaj and must be repaired.

Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of starting the power tool accidentally.


Power tools are dangerous in the hands of untrained users. If damaged, have the power tool repaired before use.

vendeur telephony suisse anti aging

Many accidents are caused by poorly maintained power tools. Properly maintained cutting tools with sharp cutting edges are less likely to bind and are easier to control. Use of the power tool for operations different from those intended could result in a hazardous situation.

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Service fHave your power tool serviced by a qualified repair per- son using only identical replacement parts. This will en- sure that the safety of the power tool is maintained. Read all safety warnings, instructions, illustrations and specifications provided with this power tool. Operations for which the power tool was not designed may create a hazard and cause personal injury. Just because the accessory can be attached to your power tool, it does not assure safe operation.

Ac- cessories running faster than their rated speed can break and fly apart.